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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021! - QBN News 3/2020

Dear Quantum Enthusiast ,

It has been an exciting year for quantum technologies - we have mastered it successfully.

I am very proud to welcome our new members Quantum Brilliance, Orange Quantum Systems and Element Six to QBN. Additional to all behind-the-scenes-activities, we have successfully started together the QBN meetings as exclusive, non-public expert groups for business collaborations and personal networking, the QBN Webinars and the raw of series on European Quantum Leadership.

The year 2021 will be even more momentous as it will point the way for the European quantum industry.

Thanks for all your support this year! I hope you get the break you deserve.

Best regards,
Johannes Verst


News from Quantum Business Network, |QBN〉 members and the world of quantum technologies.

European Quantum Leadership – Session 1: Quantum Computing

The raw of sessions on European Quantum Leadership (EQL) successfully kicked off to show the world, how Europe paves its way to a technological and industrial quantum leadership – watch it on demand and save the date for the next session.

ColdQuanta and ParityQC aim at Quantum Advantage with Optimization problems

Solving industry-relevant problems using a quantum algorithm faster than any classical computer is considered the grand challenge of quantum computing. ColdQuanta, a leading developer of cold atom quantum technology, has joined forces with ParityQC to build a quantum optimization device that can demonstrate quantum advantage on optimization problems.

RTO proposition for a competitive European quantum technology industry

Leading RTOs in Europe just wrote a white paper about the need of a stronger focus on the development of globally competitive, European ecosystems and Europe-centered value chains based on…

New QBN member: Element Six

We warmly welcome our new member, Element Six, to QBN! As a pioneer in the development and production of single crystal diamond, Element Six (E6) focuses on engineering the defects…

Europe is on its way to quantum leadership: IQM raises €39 M in series a funding

IQM Quantum Computers (IQM), the European leader in building superconducting quantum computers, today announced that it has raised €39 M in Series A funding, bringing the total amount of funding raised to date to €71 M.

Start and scale your quantum tech company in Germany/Europe

Europe and Germany in particular are and will become increasingly attractive for quantum tech ventures. Start and scale your company supported by a strong partner for Collaborations with large…

New QBN member: Orange Quantum Systems

We warmly welcome our new member Orange Quantum Systems to QBN! The QuTech spin-off based in Delft is a systems integrator providing quantum systems engineering, integration and support services to…

Impact of Quantum Technologies on Satellite Communications

Quantum technologies can not only make satellite communications totally secure; they can also improve satellite technology through better materials, more efficient data processing and novel positioning. The Network Meeting of…

HQS participates in NEASQC (NExt ApplicationS in Quantum Computing) project

HQS is part of the NEASQC (NExt ApplicationS in Quantum Computing) project to develop application driven software for quantum computers in the framework of the quantum technologies flagship. HQS will work on quantum chemistry application together with Total, AstraZeneca and National University of Ireland Galway (ICHEC).

Successful QBN Meeting on Quantum Sensing

On 1st of October the Series of QBN Meetings on Quantum Sensing kicked-off successfully. The first meeting of the working group with the focus on diamond quantum sensing brought together…

120 million Euros for QT in Bavaria, Germany

In the next two years, the Bavarian State Government will support the quantum sciences and quantum technologies with approx. 120 million euros, Minister-President Markus Söder announced on Sept 14, 2020…

New QBN member: Quantum Brilliance

We warmly welcome our new member Quantum Brilliance to QBN! The startup is using diamond to build quantum computers that operate at room temperature. With this technology the quantum processors…

Innovate UK awards grant to Rahko-led consortium for world-first project

Innovate UK awards grant to Rahko-led consortium of technology, industry and academia experts for world’s first project to simulate complex materials on near-term quantum computers

IQM partnering with Atos and CSC

IQM announces the formation of a partnership with Atos and CSC – IT Center for Science to create the first comprehensive 100% European quantum ecosystem which includes a simulator, universal programming environment and quantum hardware.

HQS launches Quantum Assisted Design Toolbox (QAD)

HQS Quantum Simulation is pleased to announce the development of an easy to use cloud-based toolbox that enables the simulation of molecules and materials, the Quantum Assisted Design (QAD) Cloud.

IQM was selected for up to €17.5M funding

IQM has just been awarded a €2.5M grant and up to €15M of equity investment for their currently open Series A round from the EIC Accelerator program, for the development of quantum computers benefiting the industry and the society at large. Simultaneously we are happy to unveil our first quantum computer design to set the phase in our technology roadmap.

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|Quantum Events

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26 Jan 2021 | QBN Webinar: Quantum Computing for Mobile Applications

10 Feb 2021 | European Quantum Leadership – Session 2: Quantum Communication

10 Mar 2021 | QBN Meeting on Quantum Simulation

18 Mar 2021 | QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing

23 Mar 2021 | QBN Meeting on Quantum Communication

14 Apr 2021 | European Quantum Leadership – Session 3: Quantum Sensing

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