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News from Quantum Business Network - 1/2020

Dear Quantum Enthusiast,

During the first months of 2020 QBN members came up with great news and QBN increased its activities.

IQM expands to Germany to drive quantum hardware-software co-design and the Fraunhofer IAF will build an application lab for quantum sensors. We also highly welcome the publication of Europe's Strategic Research Agenda on quantum technologies and the announced initiative of the German governement to invest € 300 m in quantum computing.

The four series of QBN meetings on the four major applied areas of quantum technologies will provide experts from industry and academia a trustful environment for professional exchange and personal networking. So save the date for the upcoming QBN meetings on quantum sensing and quantum simulation and stay tuned for the other meetings´ dates.

If you are interested in innovation clusters and their impact, we recommend 'build you cluster strategy'.

Enjoy reading and stay safe!

Kind regards,
Johannes Verst


News from Quantum Business Network, |QBN〉 members and the world of quantum technologies.

Build Your Cluster Strategy (1/3): The Power of Innovation Clusters and QBN’s Resolution for the Year 2020

Almost every industry domain has a cluster initiative, which crucially contributes in economic growth and the generation of innovation. Cluster initiatives are not only part of every holistic corporate strategy,…

Build Your Cluster Strategy (2/3): Why to join a cluster initiative for quantum?

Quantum Technologies are different The research-intensive quantum technologies are increasingly dedicated to the realization of practical products and services for commercial relevant tasks and applications. Within this industry building process…

Build Your Cluster Strategy (3/3): Cluster selection and how leaders create the culture needed internally to benefit most

It’s well known that innovation clusters particularly those for key enabling technologies like quantum provide active members innovation support and growth acceleration. We already discussed the power of innovation clusters…

Erfolgreicher Industrieworkshop »Quantencomputing« am Fraunhofer IAF

Rund 100 Teilnehmer aus Forschung, Politik und Industrie nahmen an dem Workshop teil und tauschten ihre Einschätzungen, Angebote und den aktuellen…

300 Millionen Euros Initiative for Quantum Computing in Germany

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will start a new strategic initiative for quantum computing. Germany and Europe have an excellent research landscape to implement its own…

Fraunhofer IAF errichtet ein Applikationslabor für Quantensensorik

Um den Transfer von Forschungsentwicklungen aus dem Bereich der Quantensensorik in industrielle Anwendungen voranzubringen, entsteht am Fraunhofer IAF ein Applikationslabor. Damit sollen interessierte Unternehmen und insbesondere...


Many thanks to all the participants of our Ticket Giveway for Quantum.Tech Conference in London (postponed). Congratulation to the winner Tristan Roberge-Mentec and thank you for your…

New Strategic Research Agenda on Quantum technologies

On 3 March, the chair of the Flagship’s Strategic Advisory Board, Prof. J.Mlynek, presented the new Strategic Research Agenda for the Quantum Flagship to…


IQM announced an expansion through the establishment of its first subsidiary company, IQM Germany, located in ...

|Quantum Events

New events from Quantum Business Network, |QBN〉 members and partners.

29-30/09/2020 | 10. Wetzlarer Herbsttagung "Moderne Optikfertigung" in Wetzlar

Numerous lectures and an exhibition on current developments in modern optics manufacturing. Among others QBN will present the intersection of quantum technologies and photonics.

1/10/2020 | 1. QBN Meeting on Quantum Sensing @ Fraunofer IAF in Freiburg/Germany - SAVE THE DATE

- Quantum Sensing: Exploration tour from state-of-art research to industrial applications
- Focus session: Diamond: High precision sensing at room temperature
- Lab visit & Networking: Valueable insights and cooperation opportunities

22/10/2020 | 1. QBN Meeting on Quantum Simulation @ HQS Quantum Simulations in Karlsruhe/Germany - SAVE THE DATE

- Quantum Simulation: State-of-art hardware and software
- Focus session: Industry Applications: Chemical, material and drug development
- Networking: Valueable insights and cooperation opportunities

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